Newborns & Diapers

As soon as the little one enters the world, the new mom is bombarded with thousands of advice and my experience was no different. I being a new mom myself faced the inflow of million of advice when my son came into this world and the first very obvious one was “NO DIAPERS” for newborns. Now I am kind of person who would do things if they seem logical and this “NO DIAPERS” principle didn’t hit the right chord with me. So I used diapers for my baby from very first day of his birth. Now my baby was born in peak winters and given the weather, he was in layers of clothes at any given time. Had I followed the traditional “NO DIAPER” rule, I would have to remove easily 5 to 6 layers and bedding every time he pees and believe me newborns pees A LOT. I figured it was way too risky and cumbersome to stick with cloth nappies, risky because I couldn’t let my baby lie in wet clothes for long and cumbersome because you know Zillion layers to change, so I went with diapers. I followed a diapering regime to make sure that my baby do not get any rashes or infections, I would change his diapers every 2 hours in initial 2 months of his life and afterwards I increased the duration to 3-4 hours between diaper changes. Also before putting on a fresh diaper, I would wipe down the area clean with a damp cotton cloth and would let the area air dry for about 5 minutes, then would apply some coconut oil and then would put on a fresh diaper. I never faced any issue of rashes for my son, so I guess this worked for me. Diapers are hands down very convenient but they are not the most cost effective solutions and they aren’t something mother earth would love. So to reduce the environmental waste that diapers create and to save my pocket, I gave Cloth Diapers a shot and as soon as I started using them, I was hooked. Well kind of, I would still use disposables at night and for long stretches when we were away from home. I switched to Cloth Diapers when my son was 4 months old and I went from like 10 diapers a day to just 1 or max 2 diapers a day. I purchased few cloth diapers online and I got extra inserts. I change cloth diaper every 3 hours and wash the soiled one and reuse it. Yes it is a little extra effort but it is worth the pain for it is saving money and environment. I am not an expert on parenting and all this stuff. This is just what I did and what worked for me.